All the Hollywood movies filmed in Massachusetts this fall

Just call it Hub-ywood.

Everywhere you look this fall, it seems like a movie is filming in Massachusetts. The most obvious has been “Little Women,” if only because of the authentic 19th-century wardrobes and horse-drawn carriages. But the state has had at least 10 movies in production this calendar year, with more popping up in the news on a seemingly monthly basis.

In remarks at the Mass Media Expo last month, Massachusetts Film Office director Lisa Strout credited a number of factors as contributing to the film industry’s “growth spurt” in the state, including the local filming of television shows like “Castle Rock” and “SMILF.”

Overall, I believe there are two words that describe our current production environment: stability and growth,” Strout said. “We have been extremely fortunate to have worked off of a stable platform for a couple of years now. And that stability has brought confidence, and the confidence has brought long-form content as well as small-to-large features, which in turn has led us to a growth spurt.”

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