Los Angeles Location Production Jumps 5.8% in Second Quarter

Film Reporter

On-location filming of movies and TV in greater Los Angeles increased 5.8% in the second quarter to 9,937 shoot days, according to a report from permitting agency FilmL.A.

Gains were due in part to the impact of California’s increased state tax credit, which was boosted last year to $330 million annually from $100 million. Productions shot during the quarter that received the credit included the James Franco-Bryan Cranston comedy “Why Him,” “Battle of the Sexes,” “Latin Lover” and “Please Stand By.”

Local on-location feature production increased 9.7% to 1,309 shooting days in the second quarter. Productions covered by the state incentive program — which provides a tax incentive of up to 25% of production costs — accounted for 108 days of filming.

“We’re delighted to report a second straight quarter of Feature growth for Los Angeles, as we’d hoped for and predicted,” said FilmL.A. president Paul Audley. “We expect these production increases to continue until the state’s incentive reaches full utilization.”

Overall television production edged up 1.4% to 4,091 shooting days despite an 8.6% decline in TV reality production to 1,298 days and a 16.8% to 420 days for sitcoms. TV drama production increased 3.8% to 1,042 days and pilots soared 89.1% to 278 days. Web-based TV jumped 20.6% to 527 days.

“There’s simply no place like Los Angeles County, where you can walk around the corner and find yourself in the middle of a film set that has turned the streets into New York City or Gotham City,” said Los Angeles County supervisor Don Knabe. “Film production is booming and the large and small businesses that benefit from the industry are feeling the benefits, providing hundreds of thousands of jobs, directly and indirectly.”

Approximately 38%, or 395 days, of TV drama production was incentive-driven.

Commercial production levels held steady, declining 0.4% to 1,243 days.


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