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Antalya: Turkish Film Industry Weathering Turbulent Political Climate

Christopher Vourlias ANTALYA, Turkey — It was an ominous sign for many Turkish bizzers when the government announced earlier this month its plans to leave the EU’s Creative Europe program, a 1.46-billion-euro ($1.59 billion) cultural fund supporting the arts. Since Turkey joined the program as a non-EU member country in 2015, an estimated 2.4 million euros ($2.6 million) […]

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Rwandan filmmakers acquire production skills

By: SHARON KANTENGWA Budding and established filmmakers in Rwanda, last week, underwent an intensive filmmaking course to equip them with film production skills. Covering scriptwriting, directing, camera use, editing and sound, the four-day film training programme at Kwetu Film Institute’s head office in Gaculiro, Kigali, was designed to take participants through the process of generating a […]

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Record year for film production in Iceland

Turnover in the production of films, videos and television  material in Iceland will be doubling this year if the first six months of the year are anything to go by. This predicts a record year in the Icelandic film industry. January until June this year has seen double the amount of material produced in Iceland […]

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