Tanzania: How Film Industry May Combat Cyber Crime

IN terms of global communications, we are going through a very exciting period in human history. There are almost as many mobile subscriptions as there are people on the planet.

By the end of 2014, the number of Internet users had reached almost 3 billion and two-thirds of the world’s Internet users are from the developing world, according to available information.

This corresponds to an Internet-user penetration of 40 per cent globally, 78 per cent in developed countries and 32 per cent in developing countries. There are also over 2.3 billion active mobile-broadband subscriptions across the globe by the end of 2014.

Through the rise of the Internet as a platform to share information and conduct business online, the world has never been as connected as it is today. Unfortunately the threat to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information is also increasing exponentially.

Cyber terrorism, cyber war and organised crimes are considered as growing threats. Initiatives to fight cybercrime are growing and hopefully the impact of these initiatives can be seen in the near future. It is crucial to all of us to be aware that the fight against cyber crime does not rest with a special group, each of us has to play our part if we are going to overcome these threats of our privacy.

The financial cost in research and education aimed at fighting against cybercrime has been born for the most part by developed countries. There are trainings and awareness programmes, and the traditional media have also been used to educate and teach citizens how to play a positive role in online security. Hollywood too, is playing a major role to the fight against cyber crimes.

Cyber crime awareness campaign from Hollywood has a great impact on cyber security. We have seen a great contribution to cyber security through a variety of movies and television series. There are fully dedicated movies on cyber security such as Italian Job, Operational take down, and others.


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