Revival of film industry

Sir: After years of being in the dark, our film industry has finally managed to produce a number of movies to revive cinema to how it was during the golden age of films in Pakistan. There are many films concurrently under production and nearly ready for release. Under the banner of ARY Films, movies such as Jawaani phir Nahin Aani, 3 bahadur, Yalaghaar, Wrong Number, Arth 2, Kambakht and many more are on their way. It is no wonder that these glitzy movies will not be a hit. However, there are many other films to be released nationwide and internationally under many other production houses that will surely help revive the film industry and turn it from small to extremely big.


As more and more people are entering the industry from every corner of the country, it has made rapid growth to a position far better than it was 10 year ago. Film awards have been introduced to reward those who play the part in helping and refurbishing the old austere cinema into something bright, tremendous and exhilarating as well as letting loose the colours of talent. All that suspense and anticipation is soon to finish as most of the films are ready to bloom and flourish into flowers. We all hope that the entertainment industry just carries on to make a massive impression against many other rivals we face.



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