Only Publicity, No Money In Film Industry

Celebrities and sensation go hand in hand. Whenever an IT raid happens on a film celeb, any actor or producer, then surely it is going to become national headlines in no time.
As Income Tax department points out that there are only 1000 tax payers roughly among 2340 celebs from Hyderabad who are entitled to pay tax, Film Celebs shot back. “In an industry where a 3 cr investment turns to be 4 crore rupees loss, how could producers and directors pay heavy taxes?”, asks Dasari, in a contrasting tone.

Film biggies like Dasari, Murali Mohan and Allu Arvind have expressed their dissent with the way taxation, Tax officials and rules are putting celebs’ lives in jeopardy. “When we beget profits there is no problem in paying tax. But within 3 months IT officials turn up at doors for advance tax. How could we pay tax if we don’t know about our future project?“, asks MAA president, producer and actor Murali Mohan. “We are paying taxes by borrowing money for interest“, he adds.

But Cinema Industry is colourful with crores of turnover know? Heroes charge crores and producers get crores profits, isn’t it? “From the beginning IT industry and common public think that Film Industry rides on crores, so there will be colorful profits. Except such publicity, there is no money here”, snapped Dasari, calling that IT officials and Government should rethink their strategies and bless allowances for Film Industry.

Raising the issue of TDS being cut from actors’ payments, producer Allu Arvind has a word to say- “Officials are quite quick to cut 10% TDS from Film Actors’ pay check, but they are not paying it back promptly on the pretext of lack of PAN cards“, he pointed out.

It is actor-producer Krishna Raju, however proved why he is a rebel with his revolutionary words “You’re charging tax after an actor starts earning huge. But who is going to take care of his development from nothing to an actor? There’s no raw material here, we develop everything from scrap. No official or government is bothered about that, but are prompt in demanding tax

On a finishing note, IT Officials said, “We’re asking you to pay tax only when you make money. If you don’t get a profits or don’t make money, there is no need to pay any advance tax too“. Film biggies any requested to give exemptions on grounds of humanity to film celebs, but IT department is hell bent on rule book it seems. – See more at:

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