New film company aims to bring Hollywood to SC

By Dal Kalsi


A new entertainment company is planting roots in Greenville, aiming to bring in and create Hollywood-caliber films in South Carolina.

American Liberty Entertainment was founded by local actor and former radio personality John Oliver and Hollywood producer Patrick Durham.

Oliver’s resume includes a long list of vocal performances that have been featured on TV, in films and on the radio. Oliver has also worked as a radio personality in the Upstate, most recently for WORD Radio.

Durham has produced more than 30 feature films that were distributed worldwide, according to a news release. Durham’s films have featured performances by Kaley Cuoco, Marlon Brando, Brendan Fraser, Michael Clark Duncan and others.

Oliver and Durham have already co-produced one film in South Carolina, a faith-based film that will be distributed in 700 theaters around the world by a major studio later this year, Oliver said.

The film, tentatively titled Only God Can, stars Donna D’Errico (of Baywatch fame) and was filmed on the South Carolina coast in 2014.

Several local actors, including Oliver, also performed in the film. Oliver said he played the role of Grady, a long suffering butler in the film.

A trailer for the film is available on American Liberty Entertainment’s website. The film, originally titled Heaven’s Grace, is also listed on the Internet Movie Database.

American Liberty Entertainment is currently establishing an office along Washington Street in downtown Greenville while working on the company’s first film, The Untraceables.

The Untraceables will be an action-adventure film that follows computer geniuses working for a new federal agency who find themselves running for their lives as the agency they work for chases them through the Carolina mountains, according to a news release.

American Liberty Entertainment is hoping to completely finance the film through crowd-funding and keep the entire production process local, Oliver said.

Oliver said the company will also strive to be a resource and springboard for filmmakers, actors, and artists in the state.

“One of the main reasons that we founded American Liberty Entertainment in South Carolina is to promote and help South Carolina filmmakers with distribution and production,” Oliver said.

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