New $1500 grant announced for NM film post production

Santa Fe – New Mexico Film Foundation Executive Director Dirk Norris announced today the availability of the Beau McNicholas Post Production Grant of $1500 which will go to a New Mexico filmmaker towards the cost of editing, sound, color correction or other “post-production” efforts.

Any New Mexico filmmaker who is working on a film is eligible. The form to apply for this grant can be found at the New Mexico Film Foundation website must supply a one page resume, a brief description of the film and an explanation of what area of post-production the grant will be used for. They will be asked to provide a rough cut of the film.

“It was a great surprise to be contacted by Beau McNicholas and be informed that he wanted to create this grant,” said Norris. “This is the second personally named grant that has been created through the New Mexico Film Foundation and it is a wonderful statement of support for filmmakers in the New Mexico. We are very grateful to be able to offer this grant.”

Beau McNicholas explained the creation of the grant by saying: “I believe that film has the potential to open barriers and expand ideas and it allows others to experience ‘walking in someone else’s shoes.’ Filmmakers make a vast contribution to the world and I want to support the creative process of dedicated filmmakers as much as I can.”

Applications will be taken from August 30th 2015 until January 15, 2016 with the award being given in early February 2016.

The New Mexico Film Foundation currently offers two other grants, the George R.R. Martin Screenwriting grant for $5000 which is now taking applications and the Lockheed Martin Filmmaker Grant for $5000 which just concluded taking submissions for 2015.

Author: NM Film Foundation

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