Netflix is ramping up its production slate for 2016 in a bid to drive subscriber growth.

The movie streaming giant is about to take original programming to the next level with 31 new scripted shows along with 30 brand new series for children and a production slate of 10 feature films.

Netflix recently axed 100s of titles off its library after deciding not to renew its deal with several distributors. Instead, the platform is seeking to create content for its growing user base where it controls production straight through to distribution without having to negotiate fees with film studios. The risky move could put subscribers off renewing their monthly payment if content isn’t consistent, however with more original programming, Netflix is seeking to fill the gap in its library.

Having succeeded in creating popular series like “House of Cards” and “Orange is a New Black” news of the platform’s content production ambitions could see further losses for cable companies that currently price access to their programming at a much higher premium.

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Competitors like Hulu and particularly Amazon Studios are investing heavily in content for long term subscriber growth. Recently Amazon paid $250m to produce new episodes of “Top Gear” and is also producing a variety of TV series for Amazon Prime where new subscribers can get a 30-day free trial.

Netflix currently has over 65 million subscribers but competition in the VOD market is heating up with many niche offers entering the market. To access the latest opportunities at Netflix you can discover the latest production jobson our platform.

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