Jindal OK’s $24.5B budget, rejects calls to veto bill capping film tax credits

Gov. Bobby Jindal signed Louisiana’s $24.5 billion budget bill for the coming fiscal year this afternoon, including the accompanying tax revenue measures to fund it, including a cap on the film tax credit program that critics say could kill the industry in the state.

As The News Star reports, the group of bills that raised $750 million in new revenue—part of which was technically offset by the controversial SAVE bill—allowed the state to avoid issuing devastating cuts to higher education and health care.

The Associated Press reports the governor did veto state lawmakers’ attempt to curb taxpayer spending on the Republican governor’s campaign travel as he readies a 2016 presidential bid. Jindal stripped language from next year’s budget that would have prohibited the Louisiana State Police from paying for the governor’s security detail to travel with Jindal for “campaign purposes.”

The governor has line-item veto authority over the budget. In his veto message, Jindal says he struck the language because it would limit the state police’s “budgetary discretion.”

Though the film industry had been calling on Jindal to veto a bill that caps film tax incentive spending for the next three years at $180 million annually—or about $77 million less than the state was otherwise expected to spend in the fiscal year that begins July 1—the governor has signed that bill into law.


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