IT Department Focuses on Telugu Film Industry

Based on a special article published by a local newspaper, Income Tax Department have re-investigated the case of ‘tax evasion’ by Telugu Film Industry celebrities. The IT department has submitted the same report to the Finance Ministry at Center and is waiting for their response to proceed further.

As per the IT officials, most of the top producers/actors of Tollywood have been filing their IT Returns from Chennai and not Hyderabad. Though their businesses are based out of Hyderabad, they are doing this just to evade the huge taxes. All these days, they are escaping from the heat of local officers due to this simple logic. The IT department in Hyderabad has escalated the same issue to central government many times earlier and haven’t got any sort of response. The fresh IT reports looks solid and might create a huge issue among the film fraternity in Hyderabad if taken seriously.

As per the latest update, the Central Ministry has asked for more details about the earning estimates of tax-evaders and further action will be based on those details! Let’s hope that the Tollywood producers/actors/directors come out clean in this case! –


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