Hawaii boosts web tech to increase film production

Hawaii has boosted its broadband capacity to help increase film production and strengthen the state’s links with hundreds of international film studios.

Multi-gigabit broadband hubs have been set up in Hawaii through a public-private partnership to enable faster web links with cities like Los Angeles.

Productions filming in Hawaii will now be able to transfer high-definition dailies around the world without having to compress data or arrange for physical couriers.

The launch of the new service was marked at Warner Bros. Studios in Los Angeles, with a presentation screening in real-time from one of the two Hawaiian hubs.

“This new fibre connection is a major development in the technology linking Hawaii to the global film and creative media industry,” said David Ige, governor of Hawaii. “This will help grow our local film and TV industry and potentially make Hawaii a hub for production and post-production.”

Hawaii is a popular filming location for projects with tropical settings, partly because of its generous incentives. The state has recently hosted big-budget features like Godzilla, Jurassic World and the Hunger Games franchise. Hawaii has also had great success in TV with the likes of the hit series Lost and the reboot of 80s crime drama Hawaii Five-0.

Productions filming in Hawaii are generally location-based but Hawaii Film Studio (pictured) is planning to boost its appeal with several million dollars’ worth of renovations.

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