Fake on-set teacher fired from another Hollywood production

Terry Westlund was exposed as an impostor with a history of similar deception, while in a similar case last year, two men pretended to be the same studio teacher.

A man who has been posing as a studio teacher in Hollywood has again been removed from a film set.

The website Deadline reports that Terry Westlund, who has attempted the same scam on low-budget productions at least seven times in the past year, was asked to leave the set of horror film Asomatous on 7 July, after the mother of its eight-year-old star made a complaint.

She recognised Westlund from a retweet of a news story from Deadline reporting on his previous hoaxes, and alerted the film’s producers. He was told to leave after one day’s employment.

“I told him, ‘I cannot have you here on set,’” Cecile Cinco, a producer on Asomatous, said. “His résumé said he’s worked on all these pictures. I can’t believe anybody would do this.”

In September 2014, two men were caught attempting a similar deception, both pretending to be the same legitimate but retired teacher, Marty Carlin.

The role of a teacher to minors on studio sets involves both education and protection, and requires a variety of qualifications and certifications. Legitimate teachers are listed on California’s Department of Labor Standards Enforcement website.


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