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California Pizza Kitchen and the Armani Hotel
« on: April 26, 2015, 02:18:03 PM »

What a great day it was. I had like four blog worthy items happen today. I knew that this was going to be a very busy week. But everything thus far has fallen together perfectly. I remember before the craziness started on Sunday (the first day of the work week) that I was so busy that it was essential that I had my time with God. So Ive been following my devotionally routine religiously (is that a pun?). So far everything has fallen together very nice.

Last night was a late night at the edit facility. We had to finish and get a video approved. So the PR guy and I went over the project to what we thought was acceptable then sent it via youtube and waited. Keep in mind this was the end of the day, 6:00PM and we were both exhausted. Finally the word came back to make two changes. In video, when you make two changes essentially you have to do the project over again, remix the music, export files, compress, reauthor the DVD, reburn the dvd, etc. We finally got it finished at around 8, which wasn’t that bad. I’ve pulled plenty of all nighters. Im glad this wasn’t one, because the next day (today) was going to be busy.

We showed up at the client’s location for two interview shoots. Since Reg is out of town, Im the fill in host for an Internet TV show for our client. So I guess Im a writer-producer-director-editor-host now. Most of the time since I’ve been in Dubai I’ve focused on the Writer-Director-Editor part. I used to do a lot of on-camera work in University and early in my career. But I looked at the Screen Actor’s Guild numbers. 85% of screen actor’s guild members make less than $5,000 a year. Then I looked in the mirror and realized…Im not Brad Pitt. So I figured I’d stick behind the camera as opposed to being in front of it. The career is finally turning out the way that I had originally designed it. Why only now? I think it’s a combination of getting my life right and having someone that believes in me. It all revolves around God’s faithfulness. So…I had two big on camera interviews with two very important clients. Both shows went flawlessly. They even remarked how well it went. I enjoy being in front of the camera. If you want to take a look at some of my work here (I also helped edit and direct) the link can be viewed here: Im a little rusty…but as Im doing more of these its all coming back to me. At first I wanted to be a news reporter, then I worked at an ABC affiliate my last year of college. It was quite an honor to be a paid employee of the a news station while still in school. But a proper news reporter/anchor pushes for objectivity if you are not named Bill O’Oreilly or Glenn Beck or pretty much anyone at Fox News. I want to be subjective. I want to influence people how to feel. I think that is my way of evangelism. So I got out of news and into film work. I just love my career. Even though Im not making feature films just yet, Im making short movies, and being creative. If I can inspire along the way..Im on top of the world. The feature films will come in time…that Im certain.

So after we got finished with the two interviews the client, wanted to change one graphic in the video. That means we had to do the entire thing all over again and the event for the video was the following night. So fortunately the facility we were editing at, had time available (that’s a favor of God thing) and we were able to make the change. We then headed out to the Armani Hotel at the Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world) to cover an event. Before the event Harj (my co-worker) and I went to the adjacent Dubai Mall (Largest mall in the world…take that Minnesota). We sat out on the patio of California Pizza Kitchen and watched a magnificent water fountain show. I think this one even bested the Bellagio Hotel’s show in Vegas. All this entertainment while I enjoyed a Barbecue Chicken Pizza in perfect…I mean perfect weather. (I’ll post a video of the show tomorrow.) After this we went to cover the event at the Armani Hotel. This is the only Armani Hotel in the world. It was like we were walking into a suit. I mean this place was beautiful and the design was stunning. I wish I could have wandered around a little bit more. The service was first class all the way. They must have had 6-7 people who’s job was to greet you when you came in and the assist anyone with anything that might need it. Its like they were all wandering concierges just hoping to find someone to help. It was truly remarkable. The event went flawlessly. I always say that If a producer has nothing to do the day of the shoot…then he/she did their job well. So I had nothing to do and that felt great. I was invited by the client to enjoy a five star buffet and just thought to myself…Im getting paid for this. So a very busy and hectic week is almost over and thus far…things haven’t gone smoother. Good thing I kept with that devotional schedule.