Author Topic: The Perks of Being a Stuntman – Beyond the Adrenaline Rushes  (Read 2995 times)


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The Perks of Being a Stuntman – Beyond the Adrenaline Rushes
« on: October 18, 2015, 08:23:02 PM »
By Dawnrichard on October 17, 2015

Do heavy buff action and exhilarating stunts fascinate you? If yes, then this is your opportunity to jump off roofs, play with fire and dash through high speed cars. All you need to do is follow your passion right into the intriguing field of stunt performance as a stuntman, obviously. Being a stuntman has many perks, of which many include performing dangerous stunts, a rewarding pay, learning new fighting styles, etc. Moreover, such stunts are deemed impossible for the lead actor to perform. So, enter into the picture as a stuntman if you’re an adrenaline enthusiast eager to leap on a success ladder.

What it takes to be a stuntman?

While being a stuntman certainly sounds enthralling, it is one of the most gruesome and difficult tasks to accomplish. Being physically fit and agile is a necessity to prosper in such an action packed field. To be a better stuntman you need to possess certain characteristic attributes. These aspects are vital for any stuntman like:

Physical Fitness

The most primary feature needed to become a stuntman is stamina, fitness and strength. All these characteristics determine the quality of stunts and professionalism a stuntman may offer while ensuing top of the mill heavy duty sequences. Therefore, focus must be centered upon development of inner core strength and stamina.

Calculated Risk Taker

There is a huge difference between being a risk taker and being a calculated risk taker! Professional stuntmen always tend to calculate their options, scenarios and tools prior to taking any risk. If you possess a thrill for danger and are crazy enough to jump right into the field on the first sign of a stunt then you aren’t cut out to become a successful stuntman. Stuntmen are more thoughtful and analytical than what people give them credit for.

Jack of all trades

Even though it is a good thing to specialize in a certain domain, one must also be adaptive to learn new things pertaining to different fields. Meaning if as a stuntman you excel at riding and driving you must also try to learn the art of fighting or water skills. If put bluntly, you must be a Jack of all trades, know something about everything rather than know everything about just one thing.


All said and done, there is still one hindrance which you need to clear before kick-starting your career as a stuntman. To be qualified to work as a stuntman you must be a member of either of the two unions governing this field, viz. Screen Actors Guild (SAG) or American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA). Once you receive your union card, you are from that moment on recognized as a professional stuntman worldwide.

What is it that a stuntman does?

Stuntmen are widely needed across Hollywood and TV industry to perform or supervise several death defying stunts as scripted in the movie or the series.

Filling in for an actor
Not all actors are capable of performing dangerous scenes as mentioned in the script. For such situations often a stunt double or a stunt alternate is called in. These stunt doubles act as a replacement for the lead hero or actor for the time span of that particular stunt scene.

Supervising a stunt
Most of the professional and successful stuntmen go on to become stunt coordinators for various Hollywood movies or TV series. They portray the role of supervising and managing the scenes and the equipment necessary to perform those stunts. Moreover, they prefer to design stunts over execution.

Teaching the budding stuntmen
Stuntmen who prefer not to indulge in Hollywood can essay the role of a stunt mentor or stunt trainer. They help improve the upcoming stunt artists to understand various aspects of the field. Many stuntmen who excel at a particular specialization aim to pass on their legacy by opening stunt training grounds and centers.