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2019 Marks the Downfall of any Future Prospects for Brazilian Cinema

Not only did the industry suffer from less institutional and economic resources, but it is also reeling from a declared war of the government against the artistic class Helen Beltrame-Linné São Paulo From the bottomless trunk of what can be called, without exaggeration, the new dystopic reality of Brazil came last week news of the […]

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Inside the Secret Project to Boost Behind-the-Scenes Jobs for Women in Hollywood

12/12/2019 by Stephanie Theobald A dedicated agency, a new pool of female tech talent created with Shondaland and even a self-help book are turning the tide: “I still hear — from both genders — about women not having enough strength.” When Zoe Lister-Jones talks about her “crazy utopian dream,” the Life in Pieces star is […]

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