Extras for ‘Joker’ filming in Newark this weekend should be ready to hold their bladders

Oct 11

You might not be able to hold in your excitement for “Joker,” the new movie about Batman’s most infamous enemy. But if you’re going to be an extra when filming comes to Newark this weekend, you better be able to hold your pee.

Extras who took part in filming in Brooklyn this past weekend were locked in a subway car for more than three hours, according to TMZ, and resorted to urinating on the tracks between cars.

Sources told TMZ that extras were denied their mandated break after two hours, and banged on subways doors as they asked to be let out but were not, leading to the urination improvisation. The Screen Actors Guild has received a complaint about the violation, sent a rep to the set to find a resolution and will continue to monitor the set, according to TMZ.

Warner Brothers told TMZ that it was investigating the claims.

Jersey City hosted filming of “Joker” two weeks ago, but there were no potty problems reported. Production in Brick City will take place from Oct. 13 to 16, leading to several street closings and parking restrictions.

There are no apparent plans to film on trains in Newark, though there are plenty of trains nearby at Newark Penn Station.

The Todd Phillips film, which stars Joaquin Phoenix, is set to be released in October 2019. It’s not the first time that a Batman film has been produced in the city, as “The Dark Knight Rises” filmed scenes in Newark back in 2011.


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