Tory Promotes Plans To Expand Film And TV Production In Toronto

Danny Longo

Mayor John Tory outlined some changes the city will be taking to boost film and television production in the city.

He is coming off a three-day business trip to Los Angeles in February where he visited over 10 studios encouraging them to expand their operations in Toronto

Tory says he’ll personally advocate to other levels of Government for more tax credits & financial incentives so we can attract more production here in Toronto.

He has already spoken to Premier Wynne about one of the major concerns for Film studios. They have said not to mess with the money or the incentives for filming in Canada and Ontario.

Tory says a group will be put together with people from city planning, real estate services, parks and recreation, transportation, parking authority and police all at one table to speed up coordination between departments.

2015 was a record year for production in Toronto and the city is committed to growing our $1.5B film & TV industry.

Tory says one studio alone brought $448 million in production to the city. So far this year American based companies have invested $800 million in productions that have been or will be done in Toronto.

Tory says we are coming off 5 straight years of over $1 billion in film and television productions in the city.

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