Rwandan filmmakers acquire production skills


Budding and established filmmakers in Rwanda, last week, underwent an intensive filmmaking course to equip them with film production skills.

Covering scriptwriting, directing, camera use, editing and sound, the four-day film training programme at Kwetu Film Institute’s head office in Gaculiro, Kigali, was designed to take participants through the process of generating a story idea to completing a short film.

The workshop was organised by Kwetu Film Institute and conducted by famous Swedish actor and filmmaker Martin Widerberg. It started on Wednesday and ended on Saturday.

According to Jean Maurice Kabuguza, from Kwetu Film Institute, the workshop was part of a film festival.
“Local filmmakers lack enough production skills and, therefore, this was an opportunity for them to add knowledge to what they already had,” said Kabuguza.

The first day of the programme was introducing the fundamentals of directing, screenwriting, editing, cinematography and sound, while also prepping participants for their end-of- workshop short film. Each trainee was required to write and direct their own short film while also working on other productions in various crew capacities.

The workshop brought together more than 20 participants, including movie editors and Kwetu students.

Kabuguza said that, from the shooting to the editing stage, the class was able to produce a short film called “The Poem!” as part of their training. They also produced a trailer of another African film, a feature film.

“We also introduced the red camera which is the first of its kind in Rwanda and very high quality. We want to improve the quality film making in this country,” he said.

Kwetu Film Institute provides films and commercials to individuals as well as companies. The services include corporate services in various filmmaking fields.

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