“In the Nigerian film industry people don’t recognize the importance of stunts” – cinematographer

Bobby Rak

Bobby Kingsley Okey-Ejiowhor, popularly known as Bobby Rak is a music video director, cinematographer and bio scientist.

However it’s the lesser known parts of this persona that come into sharp focus in this interview.

Self-described as a filmmaker who does directing and cinematography, Bobby Rak and is also a martial arts instructor, who doubles as a stuntman.

He says “In the Nigerian film industry people don’t recognize the importance of stunts, very few filmmakers even know that stuntmen like us exist.”

Kingsley has been a martial arts black belter since university days, about 15 years ago.

He takes us through his martial arts journey; the main reason for him learning martial arts was to defend himself from bullies who constantly picked on him.

In this interview, we learn the importance of physical fitness to martial arts from Bobby Rak. In his words, fighting someone who hasn’t trained well is like slapping a kid and taking away his ice-cream.

Bobby Rak is simply the unparalleled African movie stunt man, convener of the most promising short film collage in the south of Nigeria.


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