Govt must think about film industry: Irrfan on censorship

Amid a raging row over the drug- themed crime thriller “Udta Punjab”, actor Irrfan Khan has slammed the system of censoring a movie, saying government needs to take some steps for betterment of the film industry.

Many Bollywood personalities came out in support of “Udta Punjab” embroiled in a controversy with the Censor Board over various cuts suggested for the movie.

“Our entire country has become Censor Board. If anything comes up, it becomes a huge issue. We should take it seriously, industry should come forward,” Irrfan told reporters here.

“Industry pays Rs 4,000 crore as tax per year, so there should be some gesture by government, they should give some shaabashi (pat on the back)… We all must wake up. Government must think too. Mahesh Bhatt said a film he made 40 years ago is still stuck. We are sleeping,” he added.

The Abhishek Chaubey-directed film is based around the drug-related problems prevalent in Punjab.

Irrfan said many news outlets have documented the problem in Punjab but it became a big issue when a film, based on the same state, is about to release.

“There are a lot of issues which dont reach us. For so many years, some magazines were writing about one state and highlighting the severity of the crisis. After 10 years, a film is made based on the state and it becomes such a big issue.”

“My problem is I dont even know if it is Censor Board or certificate board. It is a certificate board, not Censor Board. These rules were made by `angrez (British) so one individual shouldnt be blamed,” the national award winning actor added.

The actor said there is a need to revamp rules as they were written keeping in mind the old times. “Anybody who sits (as the head) will follow the rules which were written during those times by `angrez who wanted to control us.”

Irrfan was speaking at the launch of “Dama Dam” song from his upcoming film “Madaari”.

Govt must think about film industry: Irrfan on censorship

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