Female Cinematographers Band Together to Form New Collective

By Kate Erbland | Indiewire

The International Collective of Female Cinematographers includes members from around the world.

Female cinematographers are banding together to form a new a collective aimed at giving a public face their “often overlooked” minority in the industry. The newly formed International Collective of Female Cinematographers (ICFC) is billed as “a growing collective of professional Cinematographers from around the US and the world.”

Per their official announcement, “the aim of the collective and web presence is to establish that female Directors of Photography are not, in fact, an anomaly…Individually ICFC members identify as simply Cinematographers — without gender qualifiers. However, as a group, they’ve found it useful to organize around gender until such time as women cease to be perceived as statistical anomalies or token hires behind the lens.”

As one board member commented, “Though they are indeed technicalwizards, Female DPs are by no means magical or imaginary; our rarity is often overstated, while our under-employment is frequently overlooked.”

Current members include Sandra Valde, Tarin Anderson, Liz Yarwood, Savannah Bloch and many more. The majority of its members are from the film world, specifically in narrative spaces, though its membership also includes DPs who have worked on music videos, VR and television.

The ICFC recently launched their website, which also includes a detailed database of their current members. You can check it out here.


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