Director Franco Sacchi on Nigeria’s booming film industry competing globally

Rachelle Akuffo

Nigeria’s booming film industry, popularly known as Nollywood, isn’t just the largest in Africa but the second largest in the world. 

The first Nigerian films were made back in the 1960s. Many filmmakers in the country date the beginnings of Nollywood blockbusters to 1992 and the direct to video release of a film called “Living in Bondage.”In less than 25 years, the era when Western and Indian movies dominated the film market in Nigeria seems a distant past.Nollywood movies are just as popular across the continent as they are in Nigeria, making them the country’s biggest cultural export.For more about Nigeria’s booming film industry competing globally, CCTV America’s Rachelle Akuffo spoke to Franco Sacchi, Director of This is Nollywood.


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