Bill extends TV and film production incentives

Pat Dooris , KGW


SALEM, Ore. — Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed a bill Thursday extending incentives for television and film businesses who bring their productions to the state.

The bill extends the program for seven years. It also expands the pool of funds to $12 million for 2016 and $14 million in 2017.

Portlandia and Grimm are two of the best known productions in Oregon. Both shows benefit from the Oregon Production Investment Fund, which offers those incentives to producers who shoot in Oregon and work in themes involving the state.

And the governor wants more.

“I want to challenge the film, video and new media industry to make an even larger impact around the entire state of Oregon,” said Gov. Brown.

LAIKA Studios hosted the governor for the bill signing. The company does not take part in the incentive program. But LAIKA’s general counsel and head of business affairs said the fund has grown a community of specially trained workers who are in Oregon year-round.

“They don’t now have to bring in their whole crew and then get a bunch of money and then leave with their whole crew. Now what happens is they can come in and actually hire most of their crew locally,” said Rosemary Colliver.

She said taxpayers benefit in the long run.

“Its a very good investment for taxpayers. I mean, we’re growing a population of more than living wage earning individuals who are investing in the economy,” Colliver said.

Brown agrees and pointed out that the industry is becoming a significant player in Oregon’s economy.

“Last year, 20 of the 23 projects that benefited from this fund were produced by either local Oregon companies or local Oregon producers. The program generates over $160 million in spending a year and more than 3,000 jobs,” said Brown.

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