A film crew on every corner: 15 films in Dutch production this summer

The Dutch film fund Filmfonds has invested almost €6m in 23 different productions in its latest funding round, including 19 feature films and four documentaries. The fund, which hands out cash four times a year, hopes this will result in some €27m being spent in the Netherlands itself. The aim is to help the local industry as well as encourage international productions to come to the Netherlands. The second 2016 round of grants includes €1m for Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk (Bodega Bay), currently filming in the IJsselmeer lake near Urk. In total, 15 productions involve filming in the Netherlands this summer. Money has also gone to The Hitman’s Bodyguard with Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds which will include Dutch actors Barry Atsma and Noortje Herlaar. The stars are due in Amsterdam on July 8 for a week of filming but the crew have already been busy filming stunts with stand-ins.

Other films which have had Dutch cash include Gangsterdam, with French director Romain Lévy and Cobain, directed by Nanouk Leopold. Last year, Dutch and foreign film crews spent over 2,000 days filming in Amsterdam, the Parool said.


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