Shutdown Film Industry for 100 days

There’s no slowing down of the piracy issue in the near future and the impact of piracy on Tamil movies is also on the rise. With no other alternatives left, the producers of Tamil Film Industry are seriously considering to shut down the operations at least for 100 days and thus combat the effect of piracy.

Though majority of the members present at “general body meeting of producers council” has given a green signal for this, the calculations are still going on. Kalaipuli S Thanu, the head of Tamil Film Producers Council has confirmed the same on Sunday. “We are on the considering to shut down the industry for three months and are currently in discussions with the concerned departments and businesses,” said S Thanu.

On the other hand, another group from the same industry is objecting for this proposal and are raising some valid issues. “When we are already in huge losses with the piracy issue, shutting down the whole industry will make the things worse for the dependent people. Their survival itself will remain a big issue and needs a lot of attention before taking the final decision,” said one of the producers from opposing group.


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