Rwanda: Film Regulatory Body Moves to Address Quality Issues

The Film industry in Rwanda must devise ways of generating more income to ensure sustainability. The call was made at the official launch of the Rwanda Film Federation (RFF) last Friday, over a year since it was formed. Ismael Ntihabose, the head of the federation said the major objective is to take film industry to another level by ensuring that it generates more income.

“We want to make it an industry that can generate income for people and the country in general. This will not take a short time as the federation is just starting out, which is understandable.”

“We are growing on a daily basis and we have given ourselves goals. We have a vision and in the next two or three years, we will be able to see good movies,” he added.

The federation brings together various players in the industry including directors, actors, script writers, investors, technicians.

The federation comes at a time when it is needed. Rwandan filmmakers have for long complained about piracy and the lack of proper distribution channels. It will be in charge of overseeing the industry.

Ntihabose also said that secret movie shootings will not be allowed. “Those interested in making movies should approach us first. Movies that tarnish the image of the country will not be allowed.”

RFF is working in partnership with the Rwanda Academy of Language and Culture (RALC).

In East Africa, the federation has partnered with the Tanzanian Film Federation and the Kenya Film Commission.

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