Record film and TV production spend in Scotland

Scottish Culture Secretary Fiona Hyslop revealed today (7th September) that film and TV producers spent an unprecedented £45.2m on filming in Scotland throughout 2014, a substantial £12m increase on 2013.

The news comes after Creative Scotland’s ongoing campaign to accommodate large scale productions in recent years. Projects including Sunset Song and Macbeth, The Legend of Barney Thomson, Iona, Sunshine on Leith, Under the Skin, Outlander, Tommy’s Honour and Moon Dogs have all benefitted from the recent commitment the government has had to Scotland’s burgeoning screen industry.

Commenting on the historic announcement Hyslop said: “This rise in production spend is a strong indication that film producers have a growing appetite to base their productions in Scotland. With our stunning, iconic landscapes, rich culture and heritage and skilled and talented crew.

“These productions generate significant income for Scotland through the use of Scottish talent, crews, locations, transport, and accommodation and through the impact they have on tourism.

“The Scottish government and our agencies are firmly committed to growing the economic impact of our screen sector and continuing to promote Scotland as a premier and competitive location to produce great films and TV shows.”

The report comes at a good time for Scotland as last week heralded the news of a new Production Growth Fund that has now been established to entice filmmakers and TV producers in to basing their major projects in Scotland.

Hyslop added regarding the fund: “This builds on the £2 million Tax Credit Advance Facility I announced earlier this year and the £1 million Screen Skills Fund through which we are supporting training and skills development opportunities.”

The future is certainly looking bright for Scotland as they look to surpass last year’s triumphs with new accomplishments in the screen sector this year.

Natalie Usher, director, Screen, Creative Scotland, said: “Alongside our partners in government, we are firmly committed to supporting screen sector growth and promoting Scotland as a film-friendly nation.

“This is why the announcement of the £1.75m Production Growth Fund which, in addition to the existing UK tax credits, provides a further incentive to base a feature film and high end TV productions in Scotland, is a significant and welcome one.”

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