Quebecor Fund Announces List of Funded Producers and Distributors Under its Event and Film Production Assistance Program (EFPAP)

MONTRÉAL, QUÉBEC–(Marketwired – Feb. 17, 2015) – The Quebecor Fund Board of Directors is pleased to announce the names of the production companies and distributors whose projects will receive ninth-round funding under the Event and Film Production Assistance Program (EFPAP) following January 27, 2015 submissions. The selected producers and distributors will share a total of $635,000 in funding. The five successful projects will be produced and distributed by Productions Micheline Sarrazin II inc., Christal Films Productions Inc and Bloom Films Productions inc., Attraction Images Inc., Go Films L.P.R.S., Les Films du Paria inc., Les Films Séville inc., Filmoption International inc. and Les Films Christal S.E.C.

Quebecor Fund’s EFPAP program seeks to capture synergies with all industry stakeholders in order to:

  • support the production of Canadian French-language feature films;
  • support multiplatform exploitation of feature films and, in particular, foster integrated marketing strategies with an interactive component, starting from the development stage;
  • enable the creative / production team to produce a work as close as possible to its original creative vision;
  • support television coverage of events with French-language Canadian content;
  • support television coverage of events with integrated promotion and distribution on multiple platforms, including TV on demand;
  • help recipients realize a return on investment in order to increase the Fund’s impact.

Quebecor Fund, a major source of financing for Canadian television, event and film production and for digital media content, is an independent fund with a mission to support the development, production and marketing of high-quality content and its exploitation on various interactive platforms that use new information and communication technologies, such as interactive television (ITV), video on demand (VoD), mobile devices and high-speed Internet. Its new Export Assistance Program (EXAP) supports export initiatives by funding the development of audiovisual content adapted for non-Québec and international markets as well as marketing efforts.

Quebecor Fund was established through Videotron Ltd., which provides an average of more than $8 million annually in broadcasting distribution undertaking (BDU) contributions to the Canadian industry. Under its Event and Film Production Assistance Program (EFPAP), launched in September 2010, Quebecor Fund has granted 42 film projects and 12 event projects financial assistance totalling more than $7.3 million to date.



De peigne et de misère

  • Television producer: Productions Micheline Sarrazin II inc.
  • Event producer: Productions Micheline Sarrazin II inc.

Story-teller Fred Pellerin brings his tales to television for the first time. His sell-out show De peigne et de misère comes to new platforms and wider audiences.


Les Trois p’tits cochons II

  • Producers: Christal Films Productions Inc et Bloom Films Productions inc.
  • Distributor: Les Films Christal S.E.C.

Five years after the events that made them famous, the three little pigs are about to commemorate the 5th anniversary of their mother’s demise. They are still slaves to unbridled sexuality.

Nitro rush

  • Producer: Attraction Images Inc.
  • Distributor: Les Films Séville Inc.

Max is in jail for his role in the manslaughter death of a policeman. He finds out that his son has joined a criminal organization. Determined to help his son, Max escapes from prison to look for him.

Bébés fourneau

  • Producer: Les Films du Paria inc.
  • Distributor: Filmoption International inc.

Pierre has to look after his twin sister Berthe, who was born disabled. Their close contact stirs sexual feelings in Berthe. She tries to seduce him but he rejects her advances. However, when Pierre falls in love, he is haunted by fantasies about Berthe.

King Dave

  • Producer: Go Films L.P.R.S.
  • Distributor: Les Films Séville inc.

Dave, a young rebel and self-proclaimed king, is easily influenced but not lacking in awareness. Haunted by betrayal and heartache, Dave rushes ahead, unable to stop. The film tells his story in one spurt, a single long sequence shot.

Quebecor Fund

Quebecor Fund, a non-profit organization, is a private fund incorporated under the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act. The Board of Directors is responsible for all decisions pertaining to the Fund, including its direction, and is entirely and exclusively responsible for its funding decisions. The next deadline for applications for funding under the Event and Film Production Assistance Program (EFPAP) will be in early June 2015 (exact date to be determined). The next deadline for submissions for the Main Television Production Assistance Program (MPAP) is April 1, 2015. For more information, see the guidelines on the Quebecor Fund website at


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