New UK film production hub to open in Soho

7DM Studios, a new UK film production facility, is currently setting up in Soho.

The studio, the brainchild of filmmakers Nicholas David Lean and James Fisher, will focus on production support and production services, combining low-budget projects (those under £2m) with finance, creative talent and key resources.

CEO of 7DM Studios, Nicholas David Lean, said: “There won’t be real estate studios in Soho for obvious space and cost reasons, however we’ll have a satellite office that will help facilitate our primary office based out of a major London studio. Before we roll out the production schemes later this year we aim to establish a new standard of quality output for distributors, whilst still pushing awareness.”

Setting their sights on streamlining the process of production management, the start-up studio will also be working on its own productions, starting with Drew Cullingham’s comedy horror Shed of the Dead, which is currently preparing to go into production.

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