Luxembourg film industry looks back at successful year 2014

(MH) The Luxembourg Film Fund on Tuesday presented its balance sheet for 2014, which proved to be a successful year for Luxembourg film industry.

In 2014, the Film Fund supported a total of 118 national film projects, granting financial aid to fund writing, development, production and promotion.

59 projects were handed financial aid of 39,678,352 euros, of which 22 projects benefited from financial support worth 1,140,190 euros to fund writing and development and 37 projects received financial aid of 38,539,162 euros to cover production costs.

The Film Funds also agreed to grant a total of 136,527 euros for promotion purposes and other subsidies worth 107,303.80 euros.

Due to the success in international contests and film festivals, 2014 marked a successful year for the Luxembourg film industry.

For the first time in history, an Academy Award was handed to a Luxembourgish co-production as Mr Hublot, a short film by Laurent Witz and Alexandre Espigares of Zeilt Production, won an Oscar for best animated short. “This shows the know-how of Luxembourg’s film industry and cements its important place on an international stage,“ Film Fund director Guy Daleiden, said.

Until now, 2015 is proving to be yet another promising year for national film productions. Earlier this year, the Luxembourg Film Prize saw the best of local films carry home the coveted “Filmpräis” awards. Song the Sea, another animation co-production, was nominated for the best animated feature Oscar, although it did not win the trophy.

With the Film Fund preparing to celebrate its 25th anniversary, Daleiden also announced a number of upcoming projects. During Luxembourg’s presidency of the Council of the European Union, the Film Fund will support the EP2C workshop on post-production, as well as a digital cartoon workshop.

Additionally, some 45 film companies and other industry players will meet during the annual meeting of the European Film Agency Research Network (EFARN), to be hosted in Luxembourg this year.


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