L.A. Film Czar Ken Ziffren Q&A: Tax Credits, Runaway Production & What’s Next

 February 12
EXCLUSIVE: Today the board of the California Film Commission will vote on draft regulations for how the state’s now-greatly expanded tax incentive program will be administered. With a system based on qualified wages and potential bonus points for economic drivers like VFX, the vote comes just over a year to the day that Hollywood heavyweight attorney Ken Ziffren was officially appointed as Los Angeles’ second Film Czar. He took the job after the death of former AMPAS president and studio exec Tom Sherak. who had died about two weeks before.
In the year that Ziffren has been running point for LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, the Golden State went from handing out $100 million a year via a much-lamented lottery and production fleeing to more lucrative states and territories to a program of $300 million a year for five years based on a job-creation-centric criteria.

More at http://deadline.com/2015/02/ken-ziffren-interview-film-production-la-tax-incentives-1201370035/

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