Film academy to train Zambian film-makers

DEL-YORK Creative Academy (DYCA), an affiliate of the prestigious New York Film Academy, has launched a creative training programme in Zambia aimed at producing young Zambian film-makers who can compete on the world stage.
The launch took place at Binnie Lodge in Lusaka on Wednesday and was officiated by ZNBC director general Richard Mwanza and Nigerian High Commissioner to Zambia Sifamu Momoh.
Del-York has also partnered with ZNBC to conduct four-week training in Digital Film Making. Out of the 200 participants the course will attract within Zambia, 50 will be ZNBC employees.
Mwanza said the training will be important for ZNBC as a capacity building mechanism, especially in the area of production.
“The training will be important to ZNBC as it will help build capacity in the area of productions upon which ZNBC depends,” he said.
The training also comes almost immediately after ZNBC’s migration to a digital platform in June.
Mwanza highlighted tcontent as a critical aspect of the digital migration.
He said the digital migration would be futile if there was no content to fill up the new channels created as a result of the migration.
The training programme of DYCA is designed to be a “film-makers’ boot camp” with world class instructors from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, India and Nigeria.
Founder of Del-York Linux Idahosa shared that Africa is a continent blessed with a wealth of talent yet has failed to make a serious imprint on the world’s entertainment map.
Idahosa said if Africa cannot solve its own problems, Africans cannot be the change that they seek.
He pointed out that the challenges all across Africa are the same and that Africans must talk to themselves and find out what the true issues are.
“The Nigerian film industry is on the threshold of becoming a cultural force in the world, but it started without the support of the private sector or even of government,” Idahosa stated.
“Some individuals decided within themselves to take ownership of their own economic destiny and change their future.”
He expressed his desire to use the film academy in Zambia as an economic empowering tool by giving participants a chance to learn about the business of film-making.
Idahosa said participants will be supported with the tools to help them make a success of a film career and to package their work in a way that attracts sponsorship.
The hands-on training will emphasise technical instruction in all areas of film-making production and artistic mentoring.
The four-week training will include directing, production design, 3D animations, editing, digital film-making, graphics, screen writing and the business of film-making among a range of other fields.

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