Europe’s Film Industry Unites to Increase Distribution in Europe

CANNES: European film industry associations are joining forces to improve the circulation of films in Europe.

Four associations representing professionals from the entire film creation chain, the European Producers Club, Europa InternationalEuropa Distribution and EuroVoD, announced the launch of a focus group to develop higher accessibility, distribution and circulation of films in Europe. The group will meet during summer 2015, and present its conclusions in September.

The associations will also focus on dialogue with the European Commission in the frame of its Digital Single Market strategy and copyright reform.

The new working group will be composed of producers, distributors, sales agents, broadcasters and VOD platforms. Their objectives include pooling ideas and presenting concrete solutions to improve the accessibility, distribution and circulation of films in Europe
A joint statement issued by Marco Chimenz (European Producers’ Club), Suzanne Wendt (Europa International), Laurent Dutoit and Jakub Duszinski (Europa Distribution) and Jean-Yves Bloch (EuroVod) said: “We, the presidents of the four networks make the commitment to build an integrated and cross-sector reflection on film circulation. We will gather our ideas to propose an alternative plan of action able to reach audiences and improve the distribution of our works in Europe.”

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