Benefits of film industry moving into Nevada

By Daniel Gutierrez.

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) — Lights, camera, action. Not all the action is happening just in Hollywood.

The film and TV industry is making the move to Nevada, and the benefits stretch well beyond just those in the business.

Las Vegas is no stranger to Hollywood lights, and the spotlight means lots of money for the state of Nevada.

“In the last two years we’ve seen the number of film permits issued steadily increase,” said Eric Preiss with the Nevada Film Office.

He said business in 2014 increased 20 percent, compared to the year before. A number of factors are bringing projects to Nevada: There’s the state tax incentive. Plenty of actors and production staff. Plus lots of great locations for a wide variety of movie, TV and commercial work.

“We have the Strip, Valley of Fire, we have Lake Tahoe, we have Red Rock, we have so many natural beauties,” said Eric.

He said when projects come to town, it’s a lot more than just the local film industry that profits. That’s because the crews that travel here, spend their money here.

“They’re gonna hire locals. They’re gonna use local catering companies, they’re gonna stay at local hotel rooms. They’re gonna rent cars. They’re gonna go see a show when they’re not working,” said Eric.

Airstream 2 Go has seen the benefits firsthand.

“It is nice to have these commercial bookings,” said Josh Rogers of Airstream 2 Go.

This local business rents out their luxury trailers to vacationers looking to go on a road trip. But the business has seen a significant increase, thanks to film projects coming to Las Vegas.

“This is typically our slow season. But with that being said, we have provided trailers over the past two months for different productions,” said Josh.

Airstream 2 Go says some small projects will rent just one trailer for a few days.

“If it’s a larger production coming into town, then we’re asked if we can provide 8, 10 units, to be able to house all of the staff,” said Josh.

That adds up to some major profits for this small business, and they’re not the only ones raking in the cash. The Nevada Film Office said it’s predicted the recent production for Sony Pictures “Mall Cop 2,” helped bring more than $20 million into our local economy. But big or small, productions of any size are good for Nevada.

“We have a bright future, and we don’t see any end in sight,” said Eric.

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in the local film industry. Productions need actors, photographers, lighting and editors. You can even be an extra, or provide your home or business as a location for shooting.

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