120 female students study film production


The director of the Audio-Visual Production Department at Effat University, Muhammad Ghazaleh, has said that about 25 female Saudi students from the department’s section in Jeddah are expected to graduate in 2017 with bachelor’s degrees in film production. The department was first opened in September 2013 with about 16 students, and has since grown to accommodate 120 students, he said.
According to Ghazaleh, there is an increase in demand from Saudi female students to study film production in the Kingdom, with many going on to become filmmakers and experts in digital or video production. This specialization has allowed many female graduates to use these skills to share views about their communities, and correct inaccurate images in the Western media about Arab society, he said.
The department’s course is the first in the Kingdom providing academic training in television production, movies, games, animations, smart technology and other fields. Despite the growing interest, Ghazaleh said, female graduates and filmmakers still face some obstacles, as it will take time for society to understand and appreciate a need for these filmmakers.

As for graduation projects completed by female students, he said many students chose to concentrate on producing documentaries, short films, animation-based films and games.


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